AFAP/AFEP Leader Certificate Renewal Information


AFAP/AFEP Leader Certificate(s) Renewal Policies & Procedures

  • Arthritis Foundation Program Leaders are required to renew their certificate(s) every two years.  Early renewals can be submitted within 6 months prior to certificate expiration if all renewal requirements are met.
  • AArthritis Foundation Program Leaders must obtain a minimum of 15 AEA Approved CECs to obtain recertification.  If you earn more CECs than the minimum required, they do not carry over to the next renewal period.  CECs begin at Zero (0) on your next term.
  • A list of AEA Approved Continuing Education Courses can be found on this website, under Education/CE Provider List & Courses/CE Approved Courses.  AEA may issue CECs to non-approved educational programs; Petition Form can be submitted under My Account.
  • Arthritis Foundation Program Leaders must maintain current and valid CPR/AED Certification throughout the renewal term.  CPR/AED Certification is worth 3.0 AEA CECs.
  • There is a Certificate(s) Renewal Fee - single (AFAP or AFEP) - $59, both (AFAP and AFEP) - $79.

  • Renewal Procedures

    Online Renewal - It’s Simple & Easy!

    Track your CECs ONLINE!  Make sure all your CECs are tracked online under the My Account area. You will receive an email that you have submitted the CECs.

    Click "Renew Certificate" button and complete all the required information.

    You will receive confirmation that your renewal was received and if further information is needed, we will contact you.

    REMEMBER:  AEA does not automatically track your CECs. 

    Mail or Fax

    If your CECs are in our online CEC Tracking, simply write “ON FILE” in this area of the form.

    Please clearly mark any address / phone / email changes or updates.

    If you are not renewing, please return the form and let us know why.



AFAP/AFEP Leader Certificate(s) Renewal Form - pdf


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Please note!

  • You can take Refresh and Renew Course only if you have completed AFAP or AFEP Online training with AEA.
  • You must complete 100% of the course within 180 days.
  • If you choose to take Refresh Course for your AFAP/AFEP Leader certificate Renewal then you are not required to submit a renewal form.